We Care

Each unit of Auto Tools contributes towards the betterment of the community at large. The company understands that long-term business success can only be achieved by recognising a successful CSR (corporate social responsibility) policy and it endeavours to make a constructive contribution to society at every step.

By being intensely aware of its responsibility towards following the best environmental, human resource and societal practices, both within its premises and beyond for the wider societal good, Auto Tools is incomparably guided by its core values. These values include: Respect for individual, Service to customers and Excellence in pursuit of the combined goals.In addition to this, Auto Tools also possesses OHSAS 18001 which is an occupational health and safety (OH&S) standard certificate.


Auto Tools is ISO 14001:2004 certified, implying that it meets all the basic requirements related to significant environmental aspects. The company believes in sustainable development and cares for environment through its policies that ensure zero discharge and agro-based turbines for power generation and reduced pollution.

In addition, it is committed to conservation of water and energy by consistently reducing consumption, wastage and complying with all safety and environmental laws and regulations.


The management at Auto Tools truly believes that to succeed, an organization needs to invest in its biggest resource – its people. It promotes the well-being and holistic development of all the employees and their families through the stated corporate value of "Respect for the Individual". Each person is treated with undying dignity and the individuals listen to one another attentively and compassionately and communicate often and openly at all the levels.

Auto Tools recognises a simple fact – ideas can come from anyone regardless of position. Staff members are encouraged to express their views and use their skills to the fullest.


Auto Tools strives to be a good corporate citizen by empowering people and communities with skills at the primary, secondary and vocational level. It's the never ending team spirit that binds all the people together and keeps the focus straight on the goal.

The company believes in cooperating, collaborating, and empowering the lives of those it touches and makes sure that such a small gesture of compassion translates into exceptional solutions and services.